Providing Afghan Kuchi Tribal Jewelry Gypsy Belly dance Nomad kuchi jewelry Tribal fusion Odissi Fusion on wholesale and retail our kuchi Afghan traditional Tribal gypsy nomadic Costumes jewelry Belly dancing Costumes give you unique looks many people who likes to look Gothic and likes Gothic style and also Bohemian Boho Indie Chic and Hippie girls jewelry for belly dance performers from all over the world prefer buying koochi pashtoon tribe s jewelry some people also call it american tribal jewelry these days as many people in america now use this jewelry and know them by american trbal style jewelry or ATS

Our jewelry varies in vast range

In Kuchi Tribal Jewellery We have Bindya, Tika, Anklets, Bangles, Bracelets, Earrings, Forehead jewelry, Chokers, Necklaces, Pendants, Tops, Rings, Belly dancing belts, Belly dance chest jewelry, Mahendi Hina consists of five rings and one kada cuff, Hair pins, Tribal Caps with coins, and many more

Most of the jewelry can be worn in traditional event s parties weddings, As costumes in movies or stage dramas to create a certain nomad Gothic or hippie girls character or in a normal life style giving you a unique and classical look.

Our jewelry collection comes from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Turkamanistan, Tajikistan, Hazara, India’s Banjara peoples, Rajastan,cholistan,thar,Middle east and vice versa.