Kuchi Dress Patches


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Size:- 7″x7″

Kuchi Tribale patches are made by fabric with beautiful designs.

(Designs will be different)

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This patch has a triangle pattern has been formed in glass beads with a boarder fringe of beads and Buttons work on cotton. Beautiful and colorful cotton strings of that neck yoke / patch gives it awesome look..

•Patches used for creating this masterpiece are from antique materials. Pearls antique and some may be cracked or broken.

•These elements characterize Kutchi/ Gujarati Traditional Vintage style, and are to be expected in vintage textiles from this area. Likewise, missing mirrors or unsymmetrical design should not considered defect.

•This patch can be used on your own project such as bags, wall hangings, dream catchers or as decoration on clothing, Caps. Festival jackets, vintage denim embellished jackets.

Under the beaded top this patch has been built up in layers of cotton with the stitching coming through to the back.

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