Handmade belly-dance Belts


Kuchi Tribal Handmade Belts with Antique Parts

Like, Metal Boxes, Bells, Coins and Beautiful Fabric

Lenght:-  72cm or 28 inches

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Kuchi Afghan Banjara Gypsy Tribal Belly Dance Belt Pure Handmade KB-20 Antique hand made look, multiple colors Belt Ideal for Belly Dance Accessory !This Belt is handmade by Kuchis housewives. Kuchi’s are Afghan Pashtun Nomads people from Southern and Eastern Afghanistan. They are a social rather than ethnic grouping, although they also have some of the characteristics of a distinct ethnic group. Typically Kuchi have no fixed abode, living in the same winter area year after year and are dependent on animals for their livelihood; their movements are determined by the weather and the availability of good pasturage.

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