Kuchi Tribal Lapis Cuff/Bracelet


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An Afghan gypsy tribal handmade cuff pair is displayed above. These are made of German silver and semi-precious Agate gemstone. These are commonly used on wedding or stage dance parties. Some filigree and emboss work is also visible. Additionally, many blood red color agate gemstones are nicely fixed on it. Such bangles or bracelets are also very liked by belly dance performers of many regions. The jewelry is light in weight, easy to wear and attractive. Some pictures containing bangles with measuring tape are also given to get accurate measurements

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This gorgeous Green jade stone cuff bracelet is made by Kuchi tribal artisans.The cuff is in excellent condition(with a few sings of wear)

The cuff features a dark blue stone. Simply beautiful and very smooth to touch!! I love this one!!

Fits perfectly on the wrist and is sturdy-so can be adjusted to any wrist size.

The cuff is beautifully hand carved with traditional motifs.Two more green stones are fixed at the ends.

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