Samll Kuchi Ear Rings


Afghani Kuchi Ear Rings

(Colour/Design may be little bit different as these are antique Items)

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This is a pair of rings, made of German-Silver.

It is very light and beautiful.

This is a pure Afghan culture, where each woman commonly used to wear it.

Afghanistan is famous for such beautiful antiques and gemstone mines.

The product has dazzling silver color, which sometime gives a hard job to differentiate it from silver jewelry.

These rings are moon shaped.

These rings have wrinkled edges and embossed sketches of birds.

These sketches can be seen enlarged if you hover your mouse over the given picture.

This type of rings has always been used by many Gypsies or Kochi people (Indian, Afghani, Pakistani, Turkmen and Iranian gypsy people.)

Such designs were usually made in order to increase the beauty of face.

It would be a great pie for ethnic jewelry collector.

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