Bridal Pendant & Coins Necklace

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Bridal Pendant & Coins Necklace

Size- 50cm button to button

  This is a Necklace, made of genuine and fine quality German-Silver.

The German-silver used in its preparation is fine and pure according to international metals standard.

The product contains a curve-shaped strap, a square, some hanging chains with coins, and threads at both sides.

The square object and the coins are beautifully embossed with human sketches.

The product is also engraved with splendid patterns and designs.

It is very easy-to-wear, and beautiful.

This product is prepared with great care and devotion, and has superb finishing which results in this amazing Necklace.

This ornament will rightly suit you and make your personality more charmer and dashing.

It is splendidly designed and still has high-profile glowing polish, which attracts the people who love old culture.


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